Buddy Morrow

Buddy Morrow with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

Buddy Morrow with Tommy Dorsey and Jimmy Dorsey

Members of the GMO with Larry O'Brien and the TDO with Buddy Morrow

A Young Buddy Morrow

Buddy Morrow in New York, May 1947

Trombone buddies forever, Larry O'Brien and Buddy Morrow

September 17, 1974 – March 30, 1975

Buddy Morrow is recognized as one of the all-time great trombone players. His great musicianship has been evident through the years and first came to the public eye when he was featured with leading orchestras such as Tommy Dorsey, Paul Whiteman, Artie Shaw and Jimmy Dorsey and as a staff musician with many of the major radio and television shows.

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, his future as a musician was virtually predestined, since his family had been musicians for generations and had played in leading orchestras all over Europe.

Jazz-great Bunny Berigan heard him sitting in on a jam session and was so impressed that he recommended him to Artie Shaw who hired him for his newly formed orchestra. Later he joined Eddy Duchin and then Paul Whiteman. During his stay with Whiteman, he was featured on his Chesterfield Radio Show. Next came a call from Tommy Dorsey to join his orchestra, the beginning of a friendship that lasted throughout the years. He later joined CBS as a staff musician and freelanced in the recording, radio and television industries.

Through the years, Buddy Morrow had become so highly regarded in the music world that RCA-Victor signed him to form an orchestra and record under his own name. Buddy began experimenting with style and instrumentation and took a band on the road.