Maria Schafer is a vocalist, private instructor, and recording artist based out of Long Beach, CA.

Her consummate swing feel, likewise affection for Brazilian music, and penchant for putting a twist on pop tunes give her a widely-varied songbook with treats to offer music lovers from all realms of jazz, pop, and world music. In her relatively short time on the jazz scene as a solo artist, she has performed in venues across the world, including notable performances in Australia and Latvia. Maria has been awarded Outstanding Soloist Awards at the Next Generation Jazz Festival and Reno Jazz Festival, and for 4 consecutive years served as a leading member of vocal jazz groups which won Downbeat Awards for “Best Vocal Jazz Ensemble” and “Outstanding Performance”.

Ms. Schafer is currently working on recording her debut solo album in addition to an extensive all-original jazz and pop album “So Right…”, released with The James Kob Experience on which she sings in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. She is also featured as the main soloist on the “Imagine” and “Singin’ In The Rain” albums recorded by vocal jazz ensemble Singcopation.

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